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  1. Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) is an effective herbal remedy for diabetes. It is also useful for hypertension, irregular menstruation and leukemia
  2. The whole plant possesses medicinal properties. Followings are some medicinal properties of Catharanthus: It decreases blood pressure and reduces excitement. Take Arjuna Capsules to reduce blood pressure. It is also proved anti-diabetic. Take Healthvit Jamun Juice to cure diabetes. Catharanthus roseus is used as an anticancer agent
  3. Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don (Periwinkle) belongs to the family apocyanaceae, is a bushy perennial herb and evergreen shrub. More than 100 alkaloids and related compounds have so far been.
  4. utes. Once it is done, strain to remove the herbs and your cup of periwinkle tea is ready
  5. Madagascar periwinkle Catharanthus roseus, is nutrient dense herb support for Diabetes, bleeding, Memory, Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, sore throat and anxiety Trending Traditional uses and benefits of Sicklebus
  6. Periwinkle is also known as Sadapushpa or Sadaabahar. It is botanically named as Catharanthus roseus and belongs to the Apocynaceae family. It is a shrub that grows to a height of 1-3 feet having smooth, glossy, dark green leaves, and flowers throughout the year. This plant is known by three names such as Myrtle, Vinca, and.
  7. We are engaged in offering a qualitative range of Catharanthus Roseus Herbs. These herbs are useful in mitigating hypertension. Herbs are basically a plant or leave that is used for flavoring, food, medicine and perfume. We offer our range of these herbs at affordable prices and is highly acclaimed in the market

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  1. Herbie's Herbs' tinctures. Herbie's Herbs tinctures are alcohol-based preparations macerated in 50% distilled cane sugar alcohol at a 1:2 ratio. Read more here. Compared to other methods, alcohol helps extract nearly all active constituents from a herb yielding stronger tinctures that require a lower dose to attain beneficial effects
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  3. 25 Exceptional Benefits of Catharanthus roseus. According to Aruna et al., (2015), Catharanthus roseus is used by different countries for treating different diseases for example; ~ In Africa, the leaves are used for treating rheumatism (inflammation and pain in the joints) and menorrhagia (abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation)
  4. Catharanthus roseus is an important dicotyledonous medicinal plant that produces anticancer compounds. The active alkaloids vinblastine, vindoline, ajmalicine, catharanthine, and vinleurosine were identified by direct-injection ion trap-mass spectrometry (IT-MS) for collecting MS(1-2) spectra
  5. g herb which has its origin in central Madagascar island. Periwinkle i
  6. Madagascar Periwinkle plants belong to the Catharanthus genus that contains exactly 8 species of flowering plants. They were formerly included in the Vinca genus and named Vinca rosea. They are perennial sub-shrubs or small herbs that can reach between 12 and 39 inches (30-100 cm) in height. The base is somewhat woody, but sometimes sprawling
  7. The name Catharanthus comes from the Greek for pure flower. These are perennial herbs with oppositely or almost oppositely arranged leaves. Flowers are usually solitary in the leaf axils. Each has a calyx with five long, narrow lobes and a corolla with a tubular throat and five lobes

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Your Catharanthus and herb garden is ready to water and display! Water in thoroughly until the water drains out of the drain hole and add more potting soil if needed. IDEA #3: PLANT WITH SUN-LOVING COLO Catharanthus roseus, or Madagascar periwinkle, originated on the island of Madagascar. Catharanthus roseus is a tropical plant used in traditional herbal medicine in regions of the world where it historically grows. Madagascar periwinkle, the common name of this medicinal and ornamental plant, indicates where the species originated Catharanthus (Catharanthus roseus) is commonly known by many different names including periwinkle, Madagascar periwinkle, rose periwinkle, annual vinca, and vinca. It's an evergreen (some varieties are annuals) spreading shrub that creates a 4-feet tall tidy mound that is covered throughout the summer with small colorful blooms. When not in bloom Catharanthus has interesting glossy green foliag

Loh KY. Know the medical herb: Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea). Malaysian Family Physician. 2008;3(2):123 Kingdom: Plantae Division: Magnoliophyta Class: Magnoliopsida Order: Gentianales Family: Apocynaceae Genus: Catharanthus Species: C. roseus Catharanthus roseus (synonymous with Vinca rosea) is a perennial plant commonly seen in tropical countries. Seve सदाबहार (अंगरेजी आ बैज्ञानिक नाँव: Catharanthus, कैथेरेन्थस) फूलदार पौधा सभ के एगो जाति हवे। एह पौधा सभ में बारहों महीना फूल फुलालें जेकरा चलते इनहना के सदाबहार.

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Catharanthus roseus (L.) known as Madagascar periwinkle (MP) is a legendary medicinal plant mostly because of possessing two invaluable antitumor terpenoid indole alkaloids (TIAs), vincristine and vinblastine. The plant has also high aesthetic value as an evergreen ornamental that yields prolific blooms of splendid colors. The plant possesses yet another unique characteristic as an amiable. Loh K. Know the Medicinal Herb: Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea). Malays Fam Physician . 2008;3(2):12325606134 2. van Der Heijden R, Jacobs DI, Snoeijer W, Hallard D, Verpoorte R Catharanthus roseus. Madagascar Periwinkle CUT & SIFTED. 1/4 Pound - Wild Crafted $33.60 CAD. Add. 1/2 Pound - Wild Crafted $56.00 CAD. Add. One Pound - Wild Crafted $112.00 CAD. Add. View tinctures. Herbie's Herbs' tinctures. Herbie's Herbs tinctures are alcohol-based preparations macerated in 50% distilled cane sugar alcohol at a 1:2 ratio.

From Herbs to Medicines: The Madagascar Periwinkle's Impact on Childhood Leukemia: A Serendipitous Discovery for Treatment. 347-350 in Simon, J., Cooper, R., and Hughes, K., editors. Alternative & complementary therapies; a new bimonthly publication for health care practitioners Reddis N. P. International - Offering Catharanthus Roseus, जड़ी-बूटी का पौधा, Botanical Herbs in Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, Telangana. Read about company. Get contact details and address| ID: 486345655 Catharanthus roseus Cimicifuga racemosa Cinnamomum burmannii Eleutherococcus senticoccus Gycyrrhiza glabra Hydrastis canadensis Melaleuca leucadendron Panax ginseng This table includes medications or herbs available world-wide and is not limited to any one country or region. It may also include agents used only for research purposes

The smell from fragrant herbs is the result of the distribution of tiny globules that contain oils. High temperatures, for example, can cause the globules to become volatile, evaporating the. Catharanthus (family Apocynaceae) A genus that comprises 8 species of tropical herbs, 7 of them endemic (see ENDEMISM) to Madagascar. C. roseus, a showy ornamental and often a weed, produces important medicinal alkaloids. Source for information on Catharanthus: A Dictionary of Plant Sciences dictionary Plants rarely herbs (Catharanthus). 2. Leaves exstipulate. 3. Inflorescence cyme. 4. Calyx gamosepalous. 5. Corolla gamopetalous. 6. Stamens epipetalous. 7. Gynoecium bicarpellary and syncarpous. 8. Fruit simple. Affinities of Apocynaceae: The family Apocynaceae is closely related to Asclepiadaceae and has been placed with it by taxonomists.. Vinblastine and Vincristine, chemotherapy medications used to treat several types of cancers are found in the aerial parts of the plant.The dried root is an industrial source of Ajmalicine which increases the blood flow in the brain and peripheral parts of the body. In addition there are Serpentine, Reserpine, Alkaloids, Alstonine, Furfural, Leurocristine, Sesquiterpenes, Sulfur and Volatile oil

Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus).Photo by Teresa Prendusi. Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) produces over 130 toxic alkaloid compounds to protect itself from microbes, herbivores and insects.The discovery of its two powerful anti-cancer alkaloids, vincrisine and vinblastine, has been hailed as one of the most important medical finds of the past half century Catharanthus roseus (Vinca) also known as the Madagascar periwinkle or rosy periwinkle or Sadabahar is grown as an ornamental plant in the garden. This is a 1m tall perennial herb with oppositely arranged leaves. The plant produces several flowers such as pink, red, lilac, white and light shade darks Catharanthus Roseus. the company stands tall as a manufacturer, exporter & supplier of catharanthus roseus . The company has been managing the ever-rising global demands for the catharanthus roseus with utmost ease. The company offers the catharanthus roseus at the market leading prices to the clients and the timely deliveries are ensured Catharanthus RoseusGet latest price. We are engaged in distributing, exporting and supplying excellent quality Catharanthus Roseus Plant in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.... More. Online. Peaceful Exports. Madurai, India More No : 6, 8/29, Central Bank Colony, 5th Cross Street, Viswanathapuram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. View Contact Details Genus: Catharanthus This genus contains small annual or perennial herbs native to Madagascar, that were formerly included in the genus Vinca. *Photo above: Courtesy of Forest & Kim Starr, biolib.cz. Species: Catharanthus roseus The species C. roseus had an earlier scientific name of Vinca rosea

Antibacterial Activity of Two Medicinal Herbs - Tinospora cordifolia and Catharanthus roseus. Ambika G Iyer. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER Catharanthus Roseus or commonly known as the Madagascar periwinkle or rosy periwinkle, is a species of Catharanthus native to Madagascar. This plant needs..

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  1. Anal Cancer is a disease of the Anus. The cancer that originates in the Anus is Anal Cancer. The Anus is an opening present at the end of the Intestine. The digested food passes from the Intestines into the Colon
  2. ASEAN Herbal & Medicinal Plants Volume 2. As region, ASEAN is blessed with enormously rich forests hosting vastly diverse fauna and flora, it is also a home to a big number of indigeneous communities with very diverse culutral and religious beliefs and customary practices. Traditionally use to treat various kind of ilnesses and disorders.
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  4. KNOW THE MEDICINAL HERB: Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea) KY Loh MMed(FamMed UKM), Department of Family Medicine, International Medical University, Seremban, Malaysia. Address for correspondence: Associate Professor Dr Loh Keng Yin, International Medical University, Jalan Rasah, 70300 Seremban, Malaysia. Tel: 06-7677798, Fax: 06-7677709, Email: kengyin_loh@imu.edu.m
  5. Catharanthus roseus is an important medicinal plant and the sole commercial source of monoterpenoid indole alkaloids (MIA), anticancer compounds. Recently, triterpenoids like ursolic acid and oleanolic acid have also been found in considerable amounts in C. roseus leaf cuticular wax layer
  6. Herbs • The herb is a plant whose stem doesn't become woody and permanent but dies down to the ground after producing the fruits and seeds. Definition in Botany 3. HERBS ( Herba ) What is Herb? In Pharmacognosy Herb is a drug composed usually of the tender parts of the plant axis. (the stem + leaves +flowers + fruits). 4
  7. ata, Cannabis sativa, Catharanthus roseus, Digitalis.

Herbs, perennial or annual, often woody at the base, branched to a varying degree. Morphology Leaves Leaves herbaceous to thinly coriaceous, opposite, mucronate, with a fringe or intra- and interpetiolar colleters. Morphology Reproductive morphology Inflorescence Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don, a medicinal plant, has a very important place in the traditional as well as modern pharmaceutical industry. Two common varieties of this plant rosea and alba are named so because of pink and white coloured flowers, respectively The medicinal herbs with the highest ORAC values were Catharanthus roseus, Thymus vulgaris, Hypericum perforatum, and Artemisia annua. A linear relationship existed between ORAC values and total phenolic contents of the medicinal herbs (R = 0.919) and culinary herbs (R = 0.986)

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Gloriosa superba and Catharanthus roseus are useful in traditional medicine for treatment of various skin diseases and cancer. However, their molecular effect on psoriasis has not been investigated. In this study, the effect of ethanol extracts derived from G. superba leaves and C. roseus stems on the expression of psoriatic marker, keratin 17 (K17), was investigated in human keratinocytes. The antineoplastic herb, Catharanthus roseus is a classified high-value low-volume medicinal herb which is in global attention of scientific research for modulation of its monoterpenoid indole alkaloids (MIA) pathway through genetic engineering. These secondary metabolites are generally stored in specific types of structures/compartments due to their cytotoxic nature and designated roles in.

e genus Catharanthus consists of eight species of which seven are endemic to Madagascar and one, C. pusillus ,is endemictoIndia. Catharanthus roseus ,Madagascarperiwin-kle (herea er MP), is an important oral species in horti-culture and is one of the few pharmacological plants that have a long history. It could be traced to Mesopotamia constituents were isolated from medicinal herbs [10-12]. These phyto-constituents have served either as drugs that are being used widely today or as starting materials for their synthesis. Modern Shikhare S. Catharanthus roseus: A Symbol of Hope for Cancer Patients.Oncol Cancer Case Rep, 2020, 06(3), 001-001 Catharanthus G. Don. The genus comprises eight species of which the type species, Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don, indigenous to Madagascar, was introduced as ornamental throughout the tropics. It is well-known as a naturalized herb in the tropics and subtropics, and selected cultivars are for sale in the temperate zone as potplants Key words: Catharanthus roseus, acute toxicity, rats Received: June, 2015 Published: October, 2015 1. Introduction Natural products remedies are believed to be safer and less damaging to the human body than the synthetic drugs (Alam et al, 2011). However, their safety has continually been questioned due to reported illness an

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Buy Catharanthus Roseus from Sanjivini Herbals Find Company contact details & address in Salem, Tamil Nadu | ID: 1349121 JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Enable JavaScript for full functionality of this site * Catharanthus roseus, commonly known as the Madagascar periwinkle, rose periwinkle, or rosy periwinkle, is a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. * It is native and endemic to Madagascar, but grown elsewhere as an ornamental and medicinal plant, a source of the drugs vincristineand vinblastine, used to treat cancer Turmeric purifies our blood, which consequently nourishes the skin, bringing back its natural glow and radiance. Its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action is an excellent treatment for wounds, burns, pain, and scars as it accelerates the healing process of the skin. Its antioxidant nature also helps in attaining a good complexion

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Natural herbs in powder form Allergen Information Allergen-Free Item part number NEOHRNKL300 Net Quantity 300.0 gram Package Dimensions 19.05 x 12.95 x 5.84 cm; 295 Grams Ingredients Natural herbs in powder for About Sadabahar, Madagascar Periwinkle, or Catharanthus roseus. Sadabahar, Madagascar periwinkle, or Catharanthus roseus (formerly known as Vinca rosea) is an evergreen shrub that is commonly grown worldwide both as an ornamental plant and for medicinal purposes.It is a commonly grown plant in India and is native to Madagascar Catharanthus roseus synonyms, Catharanthus roseus pronunciation, Catharanthus roseus translation, English dictionary definition of Catharanthus roseus. Noun 1. Catharanthus roseus - commonly cultivated Old World woody herb having large pinkish to red flowers Cape periwinkle, cayenne jasmine, Madagascar..

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An erect, bushy perennial herb of the APOCYNACEAE family which grows to 75 cm high, becoming subwoody at the base and profusely branched, the stems containing some milky latex; leaves are opposite in pairs, smooth, oblong-oval, blunt, or rounded at the apex, 2.5 to 9 cm long and 1.5 to 4 cm wide, short-petioled Synonyms for Catharanthus roseus in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Catharanthus roseus. 8 synonyms for Catharanthus roseus: Cape periwinkle, cayenne jasmine, Madagascar periwinkle, red periwinkle, rose periwinkle, Vinca rosea, periwinkle, old maid. What are synonyms for Catharanthus roseus

having cytotoxic activity include those of Catharanthus, Nerium, Plumeria, Tabernaemontana and Ichnocarpus. Catharanthus roseus is the most medicinally important plant in this family due to its use in the treatment of various types of cancers, other agents Medicinal herbs or plants have been known to be an important potential source of. La pervenche de Madagascar (catharanthus roseus) est un arbrisseau persistant ou une plante herbacée, d'odeur désagréable, pouvant mesurer jusqu'à 1 m de hauteur.Ses feuilles sont entières, ovales à oblongues, 2,5 à 9 cm de long et 1 à 3,5 cm de large, vert brillant, glabre, avec une nervure médiane pâle et un court pétiole de 1 à 2 cm de long Dictionary entry overview: What does Catharanthus mean? • CATHARANTHUS (noun) The noun CATHARANTHUS has 1 sense:. 1. small genus of erect annual or perennial herbs native to Madagascar; widely naturalized in the tropics; formerly included in genus Vinca Familiarity information: CATHARANTHUS used as a noun is very rare Catharanthus roseus: Catharanthus roseus is one of the few medicinal plants which has found mention in the folk medicinal literature as early as 2 nd B.C. In Ayurveda, the leaves, the seeds, the flowers and the roots are used for treatment of leukemia, diabetes, menorrhagia Periwinkle is an herb. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Don't confuse periwinkle with Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus)

Catharanthus roseus - Flowering plants. Catharanthus roseus is an ornamental and medicinal plant, used to treat cancer. It is classified as a semi-shrub and can grow up to about 100 cm tall. It has shiny dark green leaves arranged in opposite pairs Catharanthus roseus is an important Ayurvedic medication in traditional medicine. It is potentially used in countries like India, South Africa, China and Malaysia for the healing of diabetes mellitus. Although, the molecular mechanisms behind this effect are yet to be exclusively explored. Due to the great antidiabetic and hyperlipidemic potential of c. roseus, we hypothesized that the insulin. Periwinkle alkaloids have been used in the treatment of leukemia, Hodgkin disease, malignant lymphomas, neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor, Kaposi sarcoma, mycosis fungoides, to improve cerebral blood flow, and treat high blood pressure. The most well known of the vinca alkaloids derived from C. roseus are vinblastine (vincaleukoblastine, Velban) and. Madagascar periwinkle is a plant. The parts that grow above the ground and the root are used to make medicine. Madagascar periwinkle is used for diabetes, cancer, sore throat, cough, insect bite. मेडागास्कर पेरिविंकल (Catharanthus roseus)सदाबहार के उपयोग और स्वास्थ्य लाभ क्या हैं? सदाबहार (मेडागास्कर पेरिविंकल) क्या है? भारत में, हर्बल दवाएं कई हज़ार साल.

Herbal toxicogenomics is a collective term that refers to the combination of toxicology with different '-omics' tools that measure the potential toxic outcomes of interactions of the herbal extract or compounds at sub molecular (epigenomics, transcriptomics), molecular (proteomics), cellular, tissue and organ (metabonomics) levels . It is. Botanical Name : Catharanthus roseus (L) G.Don. Synonyms : Vinca rosea L. Common Name : Baramasi, Sadaphuli, Periwinkle Plant Family : Apocynaceae Plant Form : Herb Occurrence (Sectors) : 1-30 Occurrence (Special Areas) : Gujarat Forestry Research Foundation, Indroda Park, Ayurvedic Udyan, Sarita Udyan, Van Chetana Kendra, Infocity, Aranya Van About Catharanthus roseus Plant Catharanthus roseus Linn (Apocynaceae), is a traditional medicinal plant used to control diabetes, in various regions of the world. In this study we evaluated the possible antidiabetic and hypolipidemic effect of C. roseus (Catharanthus roseus) leaf powder in diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced by i

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Habit: herb Description: Erect herbs less than 1 m tall; leaves oblong or oblong-obovate, obtuse or rounded, slightly cuspidate, finely puberulent on both surfaces, 2.5-9 cm long; midrib pale; flowers pink or white (the throat darker); pedicels 1-2 mm long; calyx about 6 mm long; corolla-tube 2.5-3 cm long, lobes 1.5-2 cm long; fruit 2-2.5 cm long, with many small black cylindrical seeds. Herbs, perennial or annual, often woody at the base, few to much branched. Leaves herbaceous to thinly coriaceous, opposite, mucronate, with a fringe of intra- and interpetiolar colleters ; secondary veins forming an angle of at least 45 ° Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don (phot. J. W. MUGGE).. Periwinkle is an herb. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Don't confuse periwinkle with Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus). Despite serious safety concerns, periwinkle is used for brain health (increasing blood circulation in the brain, supporting brain metabolism, increasing mental productivity. Apart from its health promoting properties, Catharanthus Roseus is known, and has been used, since ancient times to combat and/or control diarrheoa, diabetes, cancer, skin ailments, sinusitis and leukemia. Regular use of the herb has proven to be effective in the management of these ailments The use of Catharanthus roseus by 30 Bapedi traditional healers to treat gonorrhoea in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, was investigated via a semi-structured questionnaire, supplemented with field observations. Results show that C. roseus is highly preferred by the majority (60%) of the interviewed healers, and that the pink form is exclusively used to treat gonorrhoea

Herbal Remedies. As an herb, Catharanthus roseus is well known around the world according to the National Tropical Botanical Garden. In India, the juice from its leaves is used to treat wasp stings. In parts of Central America, it is made into a gargle for sore throats. In Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, the flower is used to make an extract for. This book studies the production of indole alkaloids in the important medicinal plant Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don, commonly known as periwinkle. The anticancer alkaloids, viz. vinblastine and vincristine, are mainly present in the leaves of C. roseus and inhibit the growth of cancer cells by hindering the formation of mitotic apparatus during cell division

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Catharanthus roseus is a long-lived ( perennial) sub-shrub or herb, usually erect, 30-100 cm high and at least somewhat woody at the base, sometimes sprawling. White latex is present. Stems cylindrical ( terete ), longitudinally ridged or narrowly winged, green or dark red, pubescent at least when young Bacopa monnieri - The #1 Herbal Nootropic* Helps Concentration and Memory, Increases Neuroprotection and Cerebral Blood Flow, Balances Neurotransmitters plus Much More* Bacopa has been so revered over the years that the Hindus named this herb Brahmi, named after their creator god Brahma A novel chemometrics-assisted high performance liquid chromatography method coupled with diode array detector (HPLC-DAD) was proposed for the simultaneous determination of vincristine (VCR), vinblastine (VLB), vindoline (VDL), catharanthine (CAT) and yohimbine (YHB) in Catharanthus roseus (C. roseus tant to recognize thatCatharanthus alkaloids are different fromVinca alkaloids and ensure that in-formation is recorded under the appropriate name. The Madagascar periwinkle, C.roseus, originally a species endemic to Madagascar (Malagasy Repub-lic), is an erect, everblooming herb or subshrub with either pink or white flowers that now has a tropica Binomial Name - Catharanthus roseus Nithyakalyani (Catharanthus roseus), commonly known as bright eyes, Cape periwinkle, graveyard plant, Madagascar periwinkle, old maid, pink periwinkle, rose periwinkle, is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae.It is native and endemic to Madagascar, but grown elsewhere as an ornamental and medicinal plant, a source of the drugs vincristine.

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Herbal medicine is the cornerstone of traditional medicine but may include minerals and animal parts. The adjustment is ok, but may be replaced with -' Herbal medicine was once termed primitive by western medicine but through scientific investigations there is a better understanding of its therapeutic activities such that many. There are many species of wild rabbit found in the Leporidae family, and virtually all of them will readily feast on garden plants, ranging from herbs and vegetables to shrubs and even the bark of trees. Rabbits can be a severe nuisance to gardeners and homeowners since they can devastate vegetable gardens and kill all types of ornamental plants, shrubs, and flowers Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don. Common Names: Madagascar Periwinkle, Periwinkle, Old Maid. Family: Apocynaceae Habit: Catharanthus roseus grows as glabrous, perennial herb up to 80 cm in height. The leaves are arranged oppositely, to 8 cm long, 3 cm wide, oblong to elliptic to oblanceolate, with an entire leaf margin, and a round to mucronate apex Catharanthus roseus is among the most important anticancer agents providing plants in the world. In the current study, vinca leaves were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 1.5 mg/L BAP and 1.5 mg/L 2,4D. The callus obtained was subcultured on 15 different combinations of growth hormones for 28 days Common Name: Periwinkle, Vinca roseaPlant name: Catharanthus roseus Chemical constituents: Vinca alkaloids like Ajamalicine, Serpentine Reserpine and also volatile oil containing aldehyde, sesquiterpenes.Uses: Mainly used in diabetes ,rheumatism, malaria. Also used to treat high blood pressure,tuberculosis, asthma. Its anticoagulant effect proved many countries Also to ease soar throats and.

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ImmunoClean™ contains 12 herbs that have well-researched and published health properties, which fa cilitate improvement at the microcirculation level and improves and stimulate natural detoxing and regeneration processe s.; The immune system also uses oxygen to fight off and oxidize opportunistic organisms catharanthus-roseus | definition: commonly cultivated Old World woody herb having large pinkish to red flowers | synonyms: red periwinkle, herb, Catharanthus, rose. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a main cause of dementia, accounting for up to 75% of all dementia cases. Pathophysiological processes described for AD progression involve neurons and synapses degeneration, mainly characterized by cholinergic impairment. This feature makes acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEi) the main class of drugs currently used for the treatment of AD dementia phase, among.

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